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about SHOJKE

Logo design

In a highly competitive marketplace successful businesses rely on name recognition by developing a unique and easily distinguished branding strategy. A great logo is a starting point, but it is only one aspect of impacting sales and insuring company longevity.

Graphic design

Graphic design and its wide usage in modern business is one of the basic services of Shojke Design studio. True graphic, studio strive to communicate with customers and to create environments that are unique, modern and thatrepresent our client interests on the best way.

Web design & development

To stay competitive, small, medium or big businesses need to have an Internet presence. But good website design is more than making pages look pretty. A well-designed, content and informationrich website that is search engine friendly will benefit any business. Responsive design and implementation of new technologies is how we do it!

Total Branding

Your organization’s “brand” isn’t “what you do,” but “who you are.” Who you are is what matters to customers. We build your identity and create every design solution, quote, or digital master peace. Your identity is how you connect with customers, and why those customers talk about you.


We offer consulting services optimized over decades of experience to provide you the quickest results, while simultaneously making progress toward reaching long-term goals. We know the folly of short-term thinking from seeing others take that approach, and we provide the wisdom necessary to maneuver around this and other obstacles.

Project management

Design management is a business discipline that uses project management, design, strategy, and supply chain techniques to control a creative process, support a culture of creativity, and build a structure and organisation for design. Design management is a comprehensive activity at all levels of business (operational to strategic), from the discovery phase to the execution phase.

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